Effective Steps for Instagram Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for marketing your products or services on the internet. While nearly all businesses now have a Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is often neglected because some people assume it’s only for photos.

Here are 3 steps for effective Instagram marketing that your business can start using today:

3 Steps for Effective Instagram Marketing

Be Consistent with the Types of Content You Post

Each company or brand has a unique, specific identity, and you should only publish posts and pictures that reinforce and are consistent with that identity. For example, if you’re a medical instruments company who typically posts images of laboratory glasswear and links to blog posts about laboratory science.

It wouldn’t be consistent with your messaging to post pictures of your staff enjoying a company holiday party. Those images may be fun and show the human side of your organization, but they’re not relevant to your brand or message, and therefore distracting from your marketing efforts.

Be Sure to Use Relevant Hashtags

If you’re over the age of 30, it’s easy to see hashtags as the irritating jargon of today’s youth, but if you’re letting your disdain keep you from using hashtags in your Instagram posts, you’re making a grave mistake.

Hashtags are one of the ways that people dive into a topic they’ve gotten interested in. Use hashtags that identify your industry (for example, if you are a shipping company, try #shipping or #transportation) and trending hashtags on hot topics, if they’re relevant to your content.

Track Your Engagement to Measure Success

One of the best things your organization’s social media coordinator can do is keep a log of engagements with your posts. This will help you understand which posts are driving traffic to your site most effectively and at which times published posts are most successful.

Once you understand those factors well, you can start tailoring your social media efforts to focus on the content and schedule that works best. You can get more engagement by getting more followers. Visit our homepage to find out the best site to buy Instagram followers.

If you follow these 3 steps for effective Instagram marketing, you’ll be sharpening your messaging, attracting new visitors, and encouraging meaningful conversions.

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